Monday, November 15, 2010

Newfoundland - Day2

I met Bob and Kurt in the hotel restaurant for breakfast this morning, and then we headed out to visit one of my clients. It was a big deal for the staff, as they never even get visits from Reps much less the owners of companies. Even guys who had the day off, like Acoustic Guitar Manager Rick Lambe, came in early (we met at 8:45am) to meet us:

Rick Lambe poses for a photo with Bob Taylor at Long & McQuade in St. John's. Rick's son, left, seems wildly unimpressed.
We had a good visit at the store, which included the fifty-cent tour from Manager Bob Davis. We were closing in on Bob and Kurt's departure, though, so we said our good byes to the staff at the store.

Before heading to the airport, though, Bob wanted to visit Cabot Tower, which is, in allprobability, the highest point in all of St. John's. The views were pretty incredible:

Bob Taylor walking the wall at Cabot Tower.

St. John's Harbor

Newfoundland Coast

We finished up at Cabot Tower, and had to get to the airport. Bob and Kurt were flying to England today. Their scheduled "wheels-up" time was 11:00am, and we nailed it. We bid them farewell, and I took Bob Davis back to his store.

I spent a good part of the afternoon at a place I've wanted to go since I started traveling up here: Cape Spear. Cape Spear is the eastern-most point in North America, and is known for some rugged coastline and unpredicatble surf. It was, in a word, awesome. Everything I've read about Cape Spear pales in comparison to walking along the rocks, listening to waves crash against the craggy shore, and feeling the wind. If you look east, you don't hit another piece of land for a long, long time.

The coastline at Cape Spear.

Lighthouse at Cape Spear.

An Inukshuk overlooking the North Atlantic.

One of two lighthouses at Cape Spear.

After spending a while walking around Cape Spear, I decided to head over to a place called Petty Cove. I'd seen a sign for it on the way to Cape Spear, and wanted to check it out. After driving the 15 or so kilometers, I found myself in the quintessential "tiny Canadian fishing village". A small inlet, peppered with boats moored dockside and boats on skids on shore was pretty inviting.

Petty Cove, Newfoundland

Petty Cove, Newfoundland

 The sun was finding its' way down over the horizon as I was meandering through Petty Cove, so I decided to call it a day and head back into St. John's for some dinner. An early flight in the morning will take me to the west coast of Newfoundland, as I fly to Deer Lake and drive down to Corner Brook.

I'm looking forward to the photo ops...

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