Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Battle Continues...

As I mentioned a few entries ago, I'm setting my sights on a trip to Peru next summer. I've been asked to join a church mission to photographically document the work that they're doing, and have been doing, in a small village that you're not likely to find on Microsoft Streets & Trips.

My original 2012 calendar has sold some copies, and for that I'm grateful. But I thought that, maybe, some folks might like something different. To that end, I'll be creating a series of different calendars. This first "new" one highlights auto racing, and I've already got a good deal of positive feedback on it.

You can order the original for $26.99 (there's a discount on that one), or this one for $29.99. Remember, every penny of profit goes towards next years' excursion to Peru.

You can order the new calendar by clicking THIS LINK, or by using the link on the right.

And, hey, even if the Mayans were right, you're still gonna' need to get through three weeks of December next year, so why not?

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  1. Best of luck Steve. Sounds like a great cause and a meaningful experience.


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