Friday, May 24, 2013

So, You All Ready?

People have been asking me, seemingly every day, if I'm "ready".
Yeah, I think I'm ready.
What lies before me is, really, a bucket-list level trip. I just don't see where I'll have the opportunity to do something like this in the future. This excites me. The first time I drove cross country, I did it in three days. This time around,  I'll be taking 24 days. The first time, I wasn't a "photographer". Rather, I was a guy who owned a camera. This time around, I'll have my Canon 5D, my Canon 40D and a host of lenses with which to record my trip. I'll shoot video with my Canon G12 during the drive and add it to the blog. Oh, and don't worry, I've got a camera mount and a remote for the G12, so it won't be like I've got the thing up to my face so I can shoot while driving.
I've one more trip to make to my storage unit which, at the end of August, will be shipped to Florida. I'll clean my old place and drop off the keys. I'll wash the truck (assuming the fabulous northwest weather permits it) and fill the tank. Sunday night the truck will get packed.
I don't know what else I have to do to be "ready".
Portland has been good. The six months I've spent here have made me look at things differently; more closely. I know I don't regret coming here. I think, when I look back, I'll see that these six months gave me time to be far more introspective than I've been able to be in the past. Long drives to places like Mount St. Helens or Silver Falls or Cottage Grove will give a person time to think and consider, and I did just that.
So, when I press the gas pedal early Monday morning, it will certainly be with fond memories of Portland. But I'll also be looking forward to what lies ahead. After travelling all over the world, I've always said that there's a lot, right here at home, for us to see.
So I'm going to go find it...

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